Safira Company Founded In February 1983 with the aim of research, design, fabrication and at the end of 33 years of fruit full activities the field of its activities can be categorized as:


 1- Design, fabrication and erection of spatial structures.

 2- Design, fabrication of tensile structures.

 3- Testing services on structures and structural components.

 4- Heavy lifting services.

 5-Metal sheet roofing with standing seam system.


Safira obtained the agreement of then Ministry of Heavy Industries of Iran to found the research center on spatial structures in 1988 and in 1989 was recognized as a Design and engineering company for large projects, sub units of power Plants Refineries, and prefabrication factories.

The center of the company is located at Tehran and its factory and research center is located in Industrial city of Hashtgerd.

Include of 3400m2 of building area, built on a site of 6000m2.





























Supplying Safira is different types of spatial structural systems and providing research and testing services is a leading company in its fields of activities


The Facilities of Safira Company include:


1. Laboratories   hall

2. Manufacturing hall for spatial structures components

3. Manufacturing hall for tensile surface structures

4. Manufacturing area for columns and skeletal structures

5. Machine hall

6. Forging and pressing hall

7. Heavy Lifting and Erection Units.

The projects carried out and services provided by Safira company and its allied companies (Fazakar Saze Ardabile & Fazakar Saze Pouya) under the chairmanship of Dr. Dianat may be categorized as:

I. Spatial Grid Structures used in

a. Industrial halls

b. Sports halls

c. Swimming halls

d. Exhibition halls

e. Shopping centers

f. Cultural Structures

g. Passenger terminals

h. Bridges

i. Other uses


These structures are either carried out totally by the safira or designed and erected by the safira while were manufactured by Akam Felez company under the supervision of safira, which are marked by:


II. Tensile surface structures

III. Heavy Lifting Services

IV. Consultancy and testing services

V. Other Services


The details of works in each category are as follows:


a. Industrial halls


1. Ship building hall with Dimension: L=115 m, w=50 m &H=37/5m suporting moving load of 600 Tons

2. * Esteghlal Air craft hangar wide Dimension of: L=70 m, w=67/5 m & H =27 m   Caring Moving load of 20Tons

3. Halls of Textile industry of Khamne by area of 22000 m2

4. Malible casting hall with dimension L= 108 m, W=54 m, H=18 m with 5 lines of 10 ton cranes

5. Jabon production Halls by area of 17000 m2

6. Iran Nara Afzar production halls by area of 5000 m2

7. * Akam Felez production hall

8. Roof of unloading area of Shiraz electronic Industry

9. Canopy for unloading area of Iran khodro Diesel Company

10. * Steel Structures of preheating building of Ardabil Cement plant

11. Repair hall of Mana company

12. Machine hall of Shahid Bahonar Copper industry

13. Production hall and laboratory of Safira Company

14. Production hall of Moghan Sim and Cable company


b. Sport halls


1. Multipurpose hall of Rezazade in Ardabile, 6000seat

2. Multipurpose hall of Anzali, 3000 seats

3. Multipurpose hall of Emam Ali, Ferdosi university of Mashhad

4. Multipurpose hall of Semnan, 6000 Seats

5. Multipurpose hall of Semnan University, 2000 seats

6. Sirjan Golgohar sport complex, 14000 m2

7. Multipurpose Hall of Iranian Steel Corporation in Shahrood

8. Multipurpose hall of  Iranian Steel corporation in Tabas

9. Multipurpose hall of Iranian Steel corporation in Pirbakran-Isfahan

10. Sport complex of Poly Akril Company of Isfahan

11. Martial arts hall of Zanjan

12. Multipurpose hall of Orumie Payam Noor university

13. Athletic sports hall of Boroujen

14. Sports hall of Tavanir Company

15. Sports complex of 10th municipal  Region of Tehran

16. Sports complex of Bahman Park in Tehran

17. Canopy of Zahedan football stadium

18. Canopy of Kermanshah football stadium

19. Multipurpose hall of Medical Science university of Gourgan. Design and Supply of  Components


c. Swimming halls


1. Triple swimming pools of Shahid Shiroody sports complex

2. Abiverdi Swimming hall in Shiraz

3. Swimming hall of Golgohar sports complex In Sirjan

4. Swimming hall of Poly Akril Company in Isfahan

5. Swimming hall of the second club of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) in Tehran

6. Swimming hall of the third club of NIOC In Tehran

7. Swimming hall of the NIOC Center in Mashhad.

8. *Swimming hall of the Iranian Surveying Organization

9. *Swimming hall of the Tavanir company

10. Swimming hall of the unknow soldier in the 7th  region of Tehran municipality

11. Swimming hall of the 11th region of Tehran Municipality

12. Swimming hall of Sports Complex of Commination Company of West Azerbaijan

13. Swimming hall of Valfajr Shipping Company In Tehran

14. Swimming hall of Firdausi university of Mashhad

15. Swimming hall of Narenjestan In North of Iran.

16. Swimming hall of Medical Science university of Shiraz


d. Exhibition halls


1. Five halls of the Tehran International Exhibition center with total area of 22000 m2

2. Shahryar hall in the Tabriz International Exhibition Center

3. The hall of the Isfahan International Exhibition Center

4. The Cladding of the hall of the Ardabil International Exhibition Center

5. Meny Temporary Exhibition AL Structures in the Tehran International Exhibition center


e. Shopping Centers


1. Shahrvand Shopping Center in Africa sq. in Tehran

2. Shahrvand Shopping Center in Behrood-Tehran

3. Shahrvand Shopping Center in Poonak Sq. in Tehran

4. Venus Shopping Center in Kish Island

5. The Dome of Mellat Bank Central building In Karaj

6. The barrel vault of the Molasadra Shopping Center in Karaj

7. Roodbar Commercial Complex in Mirdamad Ave. -Tehran

8.     Negin Shomal Shopping Center in Noor city in the North of  Iran

9.     ATAM Shopping Center in Urmia North west of Iran

10.     Amphitheaters of commercial Center of Urmia


f. Cultural  building


1. Canopy Over the Apadana hall of the Persepolis for protection

2. Religious Gathering hall (Hoseinie) of Shiraz Electronic industry

3. Extension of the Hossain Abad Azam Mosque of Isfahan

4. The roof of the Main hall of the Imam Khomeini Mosalla in Isfahan

5. the Metal part of the two main minarets of the Imam Khomeini Mosalla in Isfahan

6. Quran cultural Center In Tehran

7. Protection for of the reminder of the Takhte Suleiman historical building in Takab, North-west of Iran

8. Retrofit and extension of the Shahid Avini Amphitheatre in Bahman Cultural Center in Tehran

9. Amphitheater  of NIOC at Gheytarie-Tehran

10. Amphitheater of lawyers society in Tehran

11. Self Service of the Damghan University

12. Protection canopy for a part of the sheikh Safi  complex


g. Passenger terminals


1. Tehran Mehrabad airport extension of terminals one & Two

2. Ardabil Airport main hall

3. Kerman International Air Terminal

4. Yasooj Airport main hall

5. Kerman bus terminal

6. Tehran railway station 2500 m2 of canopies

7. Bam railway station, Main hall


h. Bridges


1. quickly erectable bridge with triple layer grid designed, manufactured, erected and tested for the Ministry of Heavy Industries

2. Pedestrian bridge for Farman Khodroo company

3. Pedestrian bridge for Vakilabaad hotel apartment in Mashhad

4. Renovation designed for the Talezang bridge along the Tehran-South railway damaged in the war




Heavy Lifting Services


In early 80S Whithe developing the Sahand Modular system of space structure it was desirable to Assemble the Large Parts of spatial grids at ground level lift then to the supports and fix them .

Regarding the limitation`s Safira had to develop his own system of heavy Lifting through a research program and now is equipped with strand Jacks having capacities of 10 ,30 , 50, 90&120 tons and potential of manufacturing 180, 350 , Soo.&1000tons

With all necessary facilities including temporary Lifting towers. And also weighing system with capacity of several thousand Tons.

Services provided are as follows:


A. Lifting Structures


1. Lifting 4 Main trusses of Fajr aircraft hangar at Mehrabad airport two weighing 800 tons with dimension of L =156m, w =6 m & H=13 m Lifted 21 m and ……………………….////

2. Lifting triple layers grid of Esteghlal air craft hangar roof weighing some 550 tons with Dimension of: L=70m, w=67.5 m

3. Lifting structural parts of the main hall of the Imam Khomeini Mosala of the Isfahan with dimension of 160 m by 60 m mainly including tow domes whit dimension of 60 m by 60 m and two barrel vaults whit dimension of 60 m by 20 m

The domes which weighed some 550 tons lifted 20 m and barrel vaults weighing 250 tons lifted 16 m

4. Lifting the roof of the ship building hall in Bandar Abbas. Including two grids by dimension of 45m by 57m which were Assembled 200 m away and lifted after being transported to the location. Then lifted by 32 m

5. Lifting of the roof of the Rezazade stadium in Ardebil. The roof dimension is 100 m by 80 m weighing some 200 tons. Due to the curved shape of the roof it was assembled and lifted in stages the height of the roof at the top is 27 m

6. Lifting about 50% of grid structure named in section I


B. Lifting and Moving Industrial Equipment

Safira`s heavy Lifting facilities, where adapted to provide services to the power industry of Iran and following projects carried out.


1. Lifting, moving & positioning of six units weighing some 200 tons at Shahid Rajayi Power Plant

2. Lifting, moving & positioning of six units weighing some 200 tons at Fars power plant

3. Lifting, moving & positioning of two units weighing some 200 tons in each of the following power plant 1.khoy, 2.Bonab, 3.yazd, 4.Isfahan the second, 5.Ghanave, 6.Chadormalou 7.Shirvan ,8.four units in Abadan and, 9. Kahnooj and, 10. Behbahan..

4. Load out & sea fastening of jackets and platforms for the Extension of Abouzar oil field.






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